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What is WAINoO?


WAINoO is a digital business card that puts your business on turbo speed. WAINoO a business card that will never get lost, a business card that will enable your clients or prospects to add your info to their phone book in 1 click and much more.


Dose WAINoO come in a printed format?

The printed business card version of WAINoO comes with a spatial code printed on the business card. By scanning this code with your smartphone you will be directed to your WAINoO card page. Your WAINoO card is available online 24/7 and can be downloaded to your customer’s contact list in 1 click. Your clients can call, text, or email you in 1 click. They can visit your Facebook page and other social pages of your business in 1 click.

When somebody likes you they will be able to share your card with their networks in a click of a button.


Can I add my department’s and team members to my WAINoO business account? 

Under your WAINoO business page, you can list all your departments’ contacts info, about your business, reviews, enquire now, videos, pictures products, and services. and customers will be able to get in contact with your business departments in a click of a Button

Without wasting valuable time searching phone numbers online.


Is WAINoO available as a mobile app?

On the mobile app side; it is available on ios and android and has added futures like scanning your contacts business cards and save them in your WAINoO phone book.

You could access your contacts from anywhere.


Are my contacts safe? And if I lose my phone can I still have my WAINoO contacts?

Also when you lose your phone god forbid, your contacts will be in your WAINoO account and you can download them to your new phone or to a CSV file in a click of a button.


Can I update my info any time? Will it update to my contacts that have my WAINoO card already?

One greater feature WAINoO has is, when updating your old info with new info it will be updated directly as well to all of your previous contacts that added your info to their contact list in the past. So when you change your address you don’t have to put a sign by the door to tell people your new address, the update is on WAINoO and will be updated for anybody that had your info.



Wainoo offers each paid accounts an advertisement space(s) depending on the account. Advertisement space  is available 24/7 for the use as long the account.


Where can I advertise my specials?

You can advertise your specials and coupons to your clients on your Wainoo business page. The offer must have $ value, start date, and Expiration date.

You could get multiple advertisement spaces with deferent WAINoO packages. Also, you could get a boost to your add through our paid advertisement (this is separate from the business account yearly dues and will be charged separately)


Does wainoo app have QR Code Reader? 

Yes, one of the options that wainoo mobile app has, is the QR Code Reader/scanner. you could scan any QR Code along with scanning the actual wainoo cards.


What is WAINoO widget?

WAINoO widget is a code that we provide to our paid customers so they can include the code on their website for 1 click download of their business card to people’s contact list.


Can I add my employees?

Each WAINoO package comes with a certain number of employees to be added for free. Each additional employee will have a charge that will be paid along with the package payment.


Can I create a card for each one of my employees?

Yes, each one of your employees can have its own card, and also its own printed card. and his wainoo mobile app that connects to your account.


Can people find my card online or on search engines like google yahoo being?

Yes WAINoO is part of the SEO process and whatever is listed on your WAINoO business page will appear on search engines


Can I order printed card whenever I want?

Yes, you can order printed card whenever is needed, WAINoO mobile app has the feature that enables users from ordering printed cards in 1 click. wainoo cards will be shipped to  your shipping address. cards


Can a student use WAINoO?

Yes, all students they can use WAINoO free account so they could start networking while they are still at school. They can update the info anytime they want.


Can a UBER or Lyft Driver use WAINoO?

Anybody could use WAINoO and if you are an UBER or Lyft driver you could add your codes to your card and send out your card to people with your code so they can save it and use it next time they ride.


Is WAINoO free?

Yes, the basic account is free and anybody could use it globally, users will download WAINoO mobile app and generate there wainoo card with their info on it. and start networking. there is paid business account packages as well.

there is paid business account packages as well.


What is WAINoO business account?

WAINoO business account has more advanced features.

  • Printed WAINoO business cards.
  • Spacial QR CODE for your card u can use anywhere you’d like.
  • A business page that has all need info about your business.
  • Advertisement space that user owns.
  • add team members.
  • add a direct call to action for business departments.
  • WAINoO Widget for your website.
  •  B2B capability
  • free upgrade to WAINoO business affiliate
  • 100+ listing for your business online so more people can find you
  • referral code
  • share your advertisement and specials with all your contacts and followers in 1 click.


Does an affiliate get paid every pay period?

Yes, affiliates will get residual payments from each account they bring in as long the account in good standing.


What is WAINoO business affiliate?

This is used usually by people that already own a business,  entrepreneur Or any Pro Affiliate Marketer. Once you join WAINoO as a business you will get all WAINoO features and benefits to you current business (Please ready about WAINoO Benefits here)

and you will get 30% commission on each new user for their lifetime as a user.


What is WAINoO free affiliate?

this is usually used by Students, Uber, Lyft other platforms drivers and users. Anybody that doesn’t have a business with business cards.

Users could create a WAINoO Digital card and start sending it to contacts, or talking about it to people that they meet on daily basis. Once you meet somebody that liked the WAINoO concept and he has a business, u should send them to your card page, this could be done via text or email or just type the link of your page into their phone or PC browser and they purchase the best package that they like. You will get paid %20 of their payment and on its cycle, so if they buy the monthly package you will get paid every month they keep the service; the same thing applies for other packages, yearly & quarterly.


Do I get paid with WAINoO free affiliate?

Yes, you will get 20% of each transaction that happens through your affiliate page/button.


Can I add my special to my free WAINoO account?

No specials or advertisement space for free users



Do you want to know more, why you don’t join us for a 30 days money back guaranteed?

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